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The proof is in what the crowd says

How retailers use social validation to grow online sales Shopping is intrinsically a social experience. The automatic images that come to mind when visualizing the retail industry are all vibrant and group-centered (pre-pandemic, of course): teenagers shopping for prom dresses, parents taking their kids to buy new clothes, small children being kept occupied by food […]

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NRF 2020 Artificial Intelligence EXPO Tour

Discover the Transformative Benefits of AI in Retail NRF is the world’s largest retail conference—with over 38,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors—uniting the entire industry under one roof to discuss emerging trends and innovations in the retail industry.  This year, to connect retailers with industry leaders delivering the latest technology across disciplines, NRF is offering four […]

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The personalized hospitality customer journey

How hospitality providers drive next-generation customer experiences  From old-school bed and breakfasts to international resort chains, the objective of a hotel is to serve as a home away from home. But a customer’s home is attuned to them. So, how can a hotel provide customers with personal, hospitable experiences—from before they book to the end […]

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Serving up in-the-moment personalization

Real-Time, Omni-Channel Engagement in the Modern Quick Service Restaurant and Convenience Store Imagine this: as lunch time approaches, Dave peruses vegetarian menu options at a local quick service restaurant (QSR) from his desktop, placing an order of veggie burger with no cheese, and a cookie in his cart. In a rush to get to a […]

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