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What is in-session marketing?

In-session marketing (ISM) is an emerging martech category that focuses on understanding micro-behaviors on digital properties to drive conversions.

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 2

Changing Attitudes of the Omnichannel Consumer While businesses were scrambling to meet the changes the pandemic caused, interrupted supply chains, changing operating hours, shifting employee needs, consumers were adopting new attitudes and demands as well. The shift in consumer sentiment mirrored the cultural and economic events suddenly thrust on them by the pandemic. Here are […]

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 3

The Growth of Personalization and Its Importance in Meeting Consumer Needs Personalization, sometimes known as customization or 1-1 marketing has always been a key component of winning and keeping customers. Mom and Pop businesses know the value of learning each customer’s likes and dislikes, ordering ahead for them or putting away hard-to-find items for that […]

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Ecommerce intelligence in action

Top 5 examples of AI & ML to enhance your ecommerce customer experience strategy Experts often discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models that intelligently react to customer intent in real time, but what do these capabilities look like in action? In our “Intelligence in Action” series, we’re exploring the […]

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