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Use AI to convert anonymous visitors

Session AI, the most powerful AI in ecommerce, enables leading brands to convert anonymous consumers by their 5th click in-session without any PII — generating millions in new revenue.

eTail Boston 2023

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Use AI to convert anonymous consumers

Tuesday, August 22, 12:20 pm–12:40 pm

What if you could predict who will buy, who won’t buy, and who needs a nudge before they leave your site? New advances in AI are unlocking new ways to predict purchase intent in as little as 5 clicks. Smart marketers are using AI to reduce their reliance on promotions and drive margin – while people are still on their site. All without any customer data.

Hear about what in-session marketing means for the smartest people in e-commerce – and how some of the world’s biggest brands are rushing to get it in by Black Friday.

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With consumer attention shrinking and privacy regulations rising, 98% of retailers are concerned with converting anonymous visitors. Are you one of them?

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Come connect with fellow ecommerce and marketing executives over conversations on the power of Al and its role in creating engaging consumer experiences.

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About Session AI

Session AI’s in-session marketing (ISM) platform is built for the world’s leading ecommerce companies. Our AI technology relies only on real-time behavioral data (clickstream), making it the perfect solution for a privacy-first world. Session AI is the only ISM platform that can predict the likelihood to purchase in 5 clicks for anonymous traffic and use that intelligence to engage and convert visitors in-session.

Leading brands like Verizon, Men’s Wearhouse, GNC, and Slumberland Furniture have seen remarkable results, with millions in immediate incremental revenue.

Helping the best brands be better

Gain a competitive advantage and see why industry leaders are already using Session AI.

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