Case study

Fortune 500 automotive accessories retailer 

The accessories retailer realized $5.3M in incremental revenue within weeks of using Session AI.


A Fortune 500 automotive accessories retailer faced a major challenge: sitewide offers improved conversions, but they did so at reduced profit margins. The company routinely dropped 20% discounts for all their site traffic. While this has the short-term benefit of increased sales, the long-term impact was less revenue and a consumer base trained to wait until the next promotion.

The results


conversion rate lift for anonymous, on-the-fence sessions


conversion rate lift for known, on-the-fence sessions


projected annual revenue lift

How we helped

The retailer had to find a way to do less offers without reducing their conversion rates. In comes Session AI’s in-session marketing. Equipped with our patented Customer DNA™, our solution analyzes the clickstream — uncovering the purchase intent of every session. At the fifth click, in-session marketing unveils who is on-the-fence (aka influenceable). In weeks, the retailer already projects an annual $5.3M increase in revenue — on just the first use case — as in-session marketing allows them to only use promos on those who need it to purchase.

More offers, less margin

Customer acquisition is critical to the success of any etailer. For this automotive accessories leader, acquiring consumer dollars meant coupon redemption and product-based offers. While these promotions drove sales, most of the discounts were used by shoppers who would have otherwise paid full price. Session AI helps the retailer differentiate between shopper segments and pick and choose who to give offers to in real-time.

Going real-time

Session AI unlocks real-time offers. This gives the retailer the ability to make purchase predictions early enough in each visit to hide or show offers — helping to maximize their conversion rates (CVR) and promo efficiency. During their first month with real-time offers, the retailer saw a 22% CVR lift for anonymous and a 46% CVR lift for known on-the-fence sessions.

What is a real-time offer?

A real-time offer is a targeted discount to the on-the-fence shopper that lifts CVR by giving a well-timed nudge to complete their purchase. Read the ebook for more.

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Fewer offers, more revenue

With in-session marketing, the retailer is able to extend promotions only to those who need it and capture the full-price sales of those who don’t. Now the brand can grow its incremental revenue with higher margins across its catalog. These improvements have already resulted in millions in incremental revenue for the retailer within the first weeks of using Session AI’s in-session marketing.

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