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How to prevent consumers from gaming promotions

A consumer shares your promo, and then your budget is spent qithout reaching your goal. This blog explains 4 ways in-session marketing reduce the risk of improper promo usage.

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Engage customers and predict revenue

Session AI’s RevPredict Program enables brands to understand visitor intent while in-session to help deliver a more meaningful customer experience. This real-time insight can identify known visitors and unknown visitors, as well as determine those who are likely to buy, unlikely to buy, and engage visitors who are on-the-fence toward conversion.

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Real-time marketing just got real

While visitors are on your site is when real-time marketing is of greatest benefit to consumers and brands alike. Digital consumers have made themselves clear: ‘Make my buying experience about me.’

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A world without third-party cookies

With third-party cookie retirement becoming imminent, advertisers and agencies will need to invest in resources to implement new targeting and measurement tools that are technologically sound, scalable, and in alignment with regulatory requirements.

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