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A world without third-party cookies

With third-party cookie retirement becoming imminent, advertisers and agencies will need to invest in resources to implement new targeting and measurement tools that are technologically sound, scalable, and in alignment with regulatory requirements.

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 4

Strategies for Success and the Role of Omnichannel Personalization As technology has proliferated the retail landscape, consumers have come to expect a less generic and more personalized shopping experience. The pandemic served to heighten those expectations as consumers increased their reliance on digital channels. While the business disruptions associated with the pandemic (such as store […]

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How to take personalization to the next level — from wherever you are now

Personalization is not a tactic, it’s a data strategy It’s an established fact that personalization delivers dramatic results. An HBR study quantified the benefits of personalization as an ROI of five to eight times the initial marketing spend and sales lift of 10% or more. Because personalization is, at its core a data-led business strategy, the […]

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Artificial intelligence and the modern marketing landscape

What is the role of artificial intelligence in marketing? In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a hot topic in nearly every industry, promising transformative benefits to an increasingly global market. When it comes to marketing, however, which historically has hinged on human-based interactions and personalization, is there a place for AI? To […]

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Powering the customer journey through AI and ML

Understand, activate, and engage In Session AI’s Thought Leadership Interview series, we sit down with experts from across industries to discuss the latest movements and technologies transforming the customer experience. Over the years, retail has evolved from being merchant driven to customer specific. Where once if a customer came to a store looking for a […]

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It’s a brave new world for financial services in the wake of COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the way banks conduct business and how consumers access or manage their finances. With an increasing number of consumers facing employment and economic uncertainty, banks play a critical role in assuaging their anxiety and offering guidance to panicked customers about their finances. With businesses not operating normally, […]

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Empowering business users to build powerful customer experiences

Business users can now create data-led customer experiences swiftly with Session AI For years, marketers and business users have sought to engage customers with interactions that are contextual, relevant, and meaningful. Achieving this goal, however, requires a strategic approach to data and technology. This poses a challenge for many because of the shortage of right […]

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Keeping your personal information secure

How Session AI manages privacy and security of data At Session AI, we recognize the importance of privacy. From both ends–as a consumer and a business–it is vital that customer data remain highly secure, and data usage, highly transparent.  As a leading provider of intelligent customer engagement and personalization technology, it is Session AI’s main […]

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Real-Time is Still in Business!

Innovative AI and ML enhances data analytics to drive on-demand customer engagement The notion of real-time engagement has been promoted for years now, as have the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in customer data analytics. Chances are, these are all buzz words you’ve heard before. Is the buzz too loud? Don’t […]

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