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How Verizon uses in-session marketing to increase conversions

Digitally native customers want real-time experiences. How can you deliver that in a privacy-first world? This is the question being asked of Verizon’s SVP of digital marketing and base management, Diana Zaccardi, and the VP of digital, Chris Paul.  The best companies, like Verizon, have raised the bar for what online shoppers expect from ecommerce.  […]

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Top ecommerce marketing strategies for 2023

What works in this privacy-first world and what needs to be eliminated from your eCommerce marketing strategy? Below highlights the top tactics for 2023.

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Promotional optimization: How to incentivize conversions and reduce margin loss

With companies now competing for attention by lowering prices, how can you acquire consumers without selling at a loss, or — more importantly — devaluing the brand?

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NRF 2023 takeaways: Retail set to combat uncertainty with agility

The retail industry and the behaviors of its consumers are continually shifting as inflation increases, budgets decrease, and trends evolve. At NRF 2023, we learned the six ways retailers are strategizing to succeed this year.

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Grow business with less resources

How to drive ecommerce revenue growth with shrinking resources

Key areas a digital brand can improve — without adding more manpower or budget — to help drive ecommerce revenue growth in 2023.

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A world without cookies and the rise of in-session CX

Third-party cookies are on the decline, and the logical next step for marketers is to take advantage of strategies and solutions to meet the demands of digital consumers while in-session on their sites. And the key to providing better customer engagement while onsite is by delivering a personalized shopping experience.

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NRF 2020 Artificial Intelligence EXPO Tour

Discover the Transformative Benefits of AI in Retail NRF is the world’s largest retail conference—with over 38,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors—uniting the entire industry under one roof to discuss emerging trends and innovations in the retail industry.  This year, to connect retailers with industry leaders delivering the latest technology across disciplines, NRF is offering four […]

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Gaining consumer trust online in uncertain times

Online shopping has become an essential service during the COVID-19 crisis. No longer is going to the supermarket, bank, or mall a safe option for consumers. Rather, sourcing and purchasing from the safety and comfort of one’s home is the new normal. Online retailers are experiencing surges of 30 percent and higher, traffic is scaling and […]

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A call for empathy-based customer engagement

Keeping your customer engagement strategy aligned with customer sentiment is more important than ever as the impact of COVID-19 unfolds As we grapple with the temporary new norm and changes to our lives, the way we work, shop and socialize is changing. We constantly see businesses adapting their operations as necessary, including shutting down stores […]

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