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Historical data is so outdated

Poor data costs U.S. businesses $600 billion yearly. Avoid adding to this number by finding a better source of truth than historical data.

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Changes are coming to Google Analytics: Here’s how they’ll impact your ecommerce business

What you need to prepare for as Google says goodbye to Universal Analytics and hello to Google Analytics 4.

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The emergence of the  intelligence layer

The journey from data to intelligence As consumer engagement has matured, we have evolved from a discussion of tactics (email, SMS, push notifications), to a discussion of the data that powers those tactics (CDP, analytics, insights), to finally landing on the paramount discussion of the intelligence that powers the interactions. Five years from now, I […]

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2021: The Year of Personalization

Uncovering How 1:1 Personalization Will Continue to Shape Business in 2021 2020 was a year of rapid change for nearly every industry. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic made it essential for enterprises to look to innovation and technology to ensure outreach remained relevant, timely, and targeted.  In particular, as limitations were placed on brick-and-mortar […]

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The Smart Way to Play the Margins

There are many ways to conduct digital commerce with consumers. However, just like any business, you have to target, attract and keep customers to stay in business. This is true if you’re a retailer, bank, restaurant, hotel, or grocer. The challenge for online businesses is to know who to target and retain from all the […]

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What Can You Do in Five Clicks?

Show your site visitors that you value them and understand their needs At the heart of any commercial transaction is the moment when the seller understands what the buyer wants and when they want it. If any of the variables in this equation are not in sync, the seller has some work to do.  I […]

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How to get real-time results from high-value purchases

Securing the Sale of Infrequently-Purchased Items through Machine Learning Models Did you know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one? With this in mind, many e-commerce companies today have shifted their customer engagement strategies to center more heavily on building long-lasting loyalty amongst their current customer base, […]

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Customer engagement hubs: Your technology, their terms

How A Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) Can Build Two-Way Relationships via Predictive, Multi-Channel Marketing Enterprise-customer relationships are no longer a one-way street in which brands blindly attempt to influence consumer behavior via one-to-many communications. As technology has progressed, consumers have gained their own voice and are now shouting back—and enterprise brands are listening. Today, a […]

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