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Get ideas and inspiration. Read strategies employed by innovative companies that have nailed the art and science of personalized engagement with their visitors and customers.

Your guide to AI-driven personalization in retail

Download this book to understand the power of AI-driven personalization and read strategies that you can use right away to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

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Q&A ft. Forrester: Conversion, revenue & loyalty

Featuring a conversation with our special guest Brendan Witcher, Forrester VP/Principal Analyst

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Sasha Lucas of Verizon: In-Session Marketing Has Emerged as a New Paradigm

Sasha Lucas, VP & Head of Digital at Verizon shares her thoughts with Debjani Deb, CEO of Session AI, on how to engage anonymous visitors.

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Dmitry Pavlov, formerly of Walmart: The next challenge in the area of personalization

Dmitry Pavlov, formerly of Walmart and Debjani Deb of ZineOne talk about the next challenge in the area of personalization.

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Nikhil Kolekar of Viasat: How AI & ML are being used to influence the customer journey today

Nikhil Kolekar of Viasat and Manish Malhotra of ZineOne on how AI & ML are being used to influence the customer journey today.

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How to Maximize Return on Your Site with Real-Time Offers

Watch the video to see how to predict purchase propensity in real-time, identify ‘on-the-fence’ shoppers, and provide them with an incentive to purchase while they are still browsing.

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Guide to selecting an AI-powered personalization platform

Hyper-Personalized Experiences Delivered at Key Moments

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Ashish Kumar of Gap: How to unlock the value of enterprise data

Tune in for an insightful conversation with Ashish Kumar, a leader in Digital Customer Experience and commerce at Gap, and Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, Inc., on unlocking the value of enterprise data and meeting the high bar set for customer expectations.

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eBook: Top 5 questions about intelligent personalization

Brendan Witcher, VP Principal Analyst of Forrester, answers five of the most pressing questions about personalization that brands are looking answers for.

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