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Get ideas and inspiration. Read strategies employed by innovative companies that have nailed the art and science of personalized engagement with their visitors and customers.

Your guide to the bank branch of the future

Read this whitepaper to understand how to transform your bank branch into a community center with a cohesive personalization strategy.

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Banking, made personal: Illustrating the transformative role of AI

DOWNLOAD NOW You’ll find solutions for the 10 most common banking use cases: Download this eBook to see how financial institutions can deliver 1:1 personalization to every visitor and customer to increase engagement and conversions, reduce support inquiries, and enhance customer experience.

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How HDFC Bank delivers hyper-personalized experiences

Watch this video to see how ZineOne helps HDFC Bank to make every customer’s experience meaningful, convenient, and secure.

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Guide to selecting an AI-powered personalization platform

Hyper-Personalized Experiences Delivered at Key Moments

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Ravi Santhanam of HDFC Bank: Importance of data science for personalization

Thought Leadership Series: Ravi Santhanam, CMO of HDFCBank, talks to Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, about the role of data science in personalization and the 3 steps to move a lead to a conversion in banking.

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In-the-Moment Personalization for Retail Banks

Watch this episode to see real-life examples of hyper-personalized digital customer engagement in retail banking.

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Intelligent Customer Engagement in Financial Services

Want a Customer for Life? Personalize their Journey!

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Your guide to AI-powered customer engagement in banking

Strategies for Personalization and Frictionless Digital Banking Experiences

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