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Become an AI power user to minimize the impact of COVID-19

Help site Visitors and increase value with personalized customer experiences When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the modern business world, it’s not a question of if businesses will adopt AI, but when they will adopt it. The COVID-19 crisis might force this shift sooner rather than later.  With the new normal of physical […]

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A helping hand

How to deliver value to customers online in the wake of COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry and economy, bringing businesses from restaurants to retailers to a startling halt in an effort to flatten the curve and protect individuals worldwide. To date, more than 90 major U.S. retailers have temporarily closed stores, and […]

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It’s a brave new world for financial services in the wake of COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the way banks conduct business and how consumers access or manage their finances. With an increasing number of consumers facing employment and economic uncertainty, banks play a critical role in assuaging their anxiety and offering guidance to panicked customers about their finances. With businesses not operating normally, […]

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Trust: Retaining customers during the COVID-19 crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic is testing leadership on many fronts. Brand leaders in retail, especially food retail, banking, and the hospitality industries are struggling to maintain revenue in a dynamic and fluid ecosystem. Specifically, they are tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees and customers while maintaining sales revenue as demand increases. Online […]

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Gaining consumer trust online in uncertain times

Online shopping has become an essential service during the COVID-19 crisis. No longer is going to the supermarket, bank, or mall a safe option for consumers. Rather, sourcing and purchasing from the safety and comfort of one’s home is the new normal. Online retailers are experiencing surges of 30 percent and higher, traffic is scaling and […]

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COVID-19 and the changing face of retail food

The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly changing the face of retail food. Independent and big brand food stores, restaurants and the quick service restaurants (QSR) are all swiftly adapting to the crisis. The speed of the outbreak has forced them to swiftly rethink their business and services to stay connected, safe, and afloat in these turbulent […]

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A call for empathy-based customer engagement

Keeping your customer engagement strategy aligned with customer sentiment is more important than ever as the impact of COVID-19 unfolds As we grapple with the temporary new norm and changes to our lives, the way we work, shop and socialize is changing. We constantly see businesses adapting their operations as necessary, including shutting down stores […]

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Building Lasting Loyalty in the Changing Quick Serve Setting

How Restaurants Can Adapt to the New Norm to Build Consumer Confidence The novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused dramatic changes to the food service industry. With health and safety concerns top of the mind, consumer behavior changed overnight from eating as a shared experience to eating to survive. From complete shutdown, some temporary and some […]

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Post Pandemic Digital Success

AI Technologies and Strategies to Win with Digital Experience Increased attention to post-pandemic strategic planning brought to light the importance of digital transformation and the need for businesses to align the customer experience they deliver with the growing demand for personalized digital interactions. Given the competition and customers’ expectations that the businesses they interact with […]

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