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Promotional optimization: How to incentivize conversions and reduce margin loss

With companies now competing for attention by lowering prices, how can you acquire consumers without selling at a loss, or — more importantly — devaluing the brand?

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Breaking the addiction to sitewide offers: Three techniques to transition to real-time offers

Did you know that it can be counterproductive to give offers to some visitors? Optimize your promotions by switching to real-time offers and lift conversions without reducing margins.

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Building stronger software solutions through partnerships at Session AI

Partners bring out the value of a product by filling one another’s gaps and making 1+1=3

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Historical data is so outdated

Poor data costs U.S. businesses $600 billion yearly. Avoid adding to this number by finding a better source of truth than historical data.

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Changes are coming to Google Analytics: Here’s how they’ll impact your ecommerce business

What you need to prepare for as Google says goodbye to Universal Analytics and hello to Google Analytics 4.

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A world without third-party cookies

With third-party cookie retirement becoming imminent, advertisers and agencies will need to invest in resources to implement new targeting and measurement tools that are technologically sound, scalable, and in alignment with regulatory requirements.

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A world without cookies and the rise of in-session CX

Third-party cookies are on the decline, and the logical next step for marketers is to take advantage of strategies and solutions to meet the demands of digital consumers while in-session on their sites. And the key to providing better customer engagement while onsite is by delivering a personalized shopping experience.

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Unleashing the power of event-triggered marketing

Multichannel, One-on-One Marketing with Real-Time Interactions The ubiquity of mobile devices is rapidly being complemented with wearables and digital accessories that not only have added screens, but totally new interactions. Yet, it seems that marketers so far have only just scratched the surface in terms of the possibilities of connecting with their customers in meaningful […]

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Right message, right time

The difference between an 18 year old and a 36 year old can now be seen by what apps their phones have. While some apps help a teenager listen to music on the go, others help parents make back to school purchases during rush hour traffic. The range of apps available today help reduce time […]

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